Advertising Quick Quiz
Rate your knowledge of advertising with five quick questions!

1. What are the most important
      elements of an ad?

      (Assign percentages to each)
- Ad size
- How often the ad runs
- Where the advertising is placed

2. Which is better?
- Promote special values as they become available
- Scheduled advertising plan

3. Which is better?
- Keep prices lower and grow by Word-Of-Mouth
- Raise prices 5% and spend it on advertising

4. What prevents retailers from advertising?
- Don't know what to promote
- Cannot find good art work
- Don't know how to get well written copy
- Not sure how much to spend
- Don't know which media pays off
- Don't know results to expect; how to measure success

5. What will yield the most net profit dollars in the shortest time?
- Don't advertise
- Develop the advertising yourself
- Have the newspaper and printer develop your advertising
- Use Retail Promotions, LLC to plan and develop advertising

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