Execution Excellence
"The devil is in the details"

Professional managers know that even the best plans can fail unless devilish details are executed with excellence. That's why you can be assured your advertising plans have the best potential for success - details are organized, coordinated, cross checked, verified, and double reminded to you all the way.

Production and Ordering Schedule

Every promotional campaign ties together all the media elements your budget and plans call for - newspaper ayouts, postcards, flyers, door hangers, phone calls, website announcements, e-mail messaging, and more. You receive an exact and detailed schedule for which items you will need and when to order them for your campaign.

Placement Schedule

Newspaper, magazines, broadcast TV and radio must be planned in advance. Even though you're your budget is small, coordination in non-media phone calls, events, and mailings are critical to success. Customer and neighborhood mailings must be ordered weeks in advance with bulk mail - and print production even earlier. We guide you to the correct time to place your advertising so each element supports the others in your plan.

Management Reminders

You're busy! You wear a different "hat" every few minutes - from chief sales person, to order and scheduling supervisor, to bookkeeper, and even cleaning the washrooms and singing while you go. No wonder it's easy for something to slip through the cracks.

But when it comes to your advertising plan, one thing hinges on another. That's why we send you E-mail management reminders. They grab your attention when you check your Internet in-box. Every step is set out and scheduled for you. We help you place your orders and schedule your media so nothing slips and your plan goes off like clock work. You will love it

Telephone and E-Mail assistance

Need help along the way? Need to make an adjustment? What if a new advertising opportunity comes to your attention that isn't in your plan? Should you consider it? Is it worth the risk? How should you adjust your budget?

Ask us! We're here to help. With our advertising expertise we'll help you make good decisions that will pay off in your business. Just send us an e-mail. We'll get back to pronto. Call on the phone if urgent. You are probably wondering how much extra you pay for expert advice? Not a penny more! Reasonable assistance is always available, and never at an extra charge.

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