Year-In-Advance Promotional Calendar
Planned campaigns - the secret to successful advertising

Professionals know the secret to success in advertising is planning. You want the same promotion coordinated in different media, timed and scheduled to precisely support each other. It's called "Multiple impressions, one message". The secret to maximum results.

Coordinated Promotional Campaign

Just as a concert conductor performs a symphonic masterpiece by timing each instrument to speak its piece and fade to the background, so it is with professional advertising that performs a masterpiece. Each medium - newspaper, flyers, direct mail, door hangers, personal phone calls - "speaks its piece" at exactly the right moment with the right message.

Your customers will get the message when it is timed correctly and executed as planned. We help you do it. Here is what you receive with your Year-In-Advance Promotional Calendar:

Year In Advance Promotions and Features

Receive production layouts and originals when you need them for newspaper and printer.

Synergistic 'Symphonic' Coordination

  • Advertising and Media
  • Activities and Personal Promotion
  • PR and Events
  • Special Marketing

    Now, conduct your own advertising "symphony" in your own market.
    It's all planned for you.

  • Production Layouts - Professionally written, graphically designed
  • Execution Excellence - Management reminders to assure success